Université Laval – Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Chevaucher l’infini Annabelle Guimond-Simard, artiste multidisciplinaire témoigne de la poésie du monde naturel dans Chevaucher l’infini. Chevaucher l’infini est un commun écho entre les paysages […]

Michelle Drapeau

Hôtel Château Laurier   © Michelle Drapeau   Jack Bishop: A Traditional Stoppping Place Jack Bishop’s paintings combine sets of views from his experience of the road. They depict highways interspersed with billboards, gas stations, fast foods and strip malls. In a schematic and colourful rendering, the artist reproduces the recognizable logos major chains omnipresent […]

Audrey Careau

Galerie 3   © Audrey Careau   Thierry Arcand-Bossé Thierry Arcand-Bossé approaches nature through new technologies. Inspired by webcam views collected around the world, the artist’s paintings challenge our experience of the natural world in the age of the internet and reveal the technical and technological paradoxes of a pictorial tradition rooted in the 21st […]

Catherine Blanchet

Simons store – Vieux-Québec Simons store – Place Ste-Foy   © Catherine Blanchet   At first glance The works presented at the Simons store in Old Quebec and Sainte-Foy fit with the Manif d’art 9 theme through the idea of the phenomenon. Translating the sensitive qualities of both the distant and everyday elements that make […]

Isabel Trépanier

Espace ) ( Parenthèses   © Jean-Christophe Blanchet   Human Territory The human phenomenon and all that surrounds it is inherently natural. Reflecting on our role within the natural order of things, this exhibition questions the power of the land versus the power of humanity. How does the human presence affect the land and, conversely, […]

Sophie Jacques

Galerie Michel Guimont   © Sophie Jacques   L’esprit des lieux There is more to the concept of land than its actual physical presence. It is a symbolic place for humans, a place of rooting; it is the very way we construct our identity. The exhibition presents a diversity of works that reflect on the […]

Jason Béliveau

MNBAQ’s Salle Multi   © Jason Béliveau   Certain Women American filmmaker Kelly Reichardt considers physical space as a decisive factor in the psychology of the characters she films. Before the projection of Certain Women, the curator will present Reichardt’s work in comparison to that of photographers and visual artists such as Stephen Shore and […]

Anne-Sophie Blanchet

Maison Tessier-dit-Laplante   © Anne-Sophie Blanchet   Fragmented Landscapes The landscape represents fragmented, interpreted, sublimated nature… It exists only in the eye of the beholder. Through the eyes of five artists from Quebec City and Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, we are invited to apprehend the environment—and the society in which we live—in a new light   Marie-Fauve Bélanger […]

Frédérique Renaud

Musée d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul   © Frédérique Renaud   Under the Magnifying Glass Inspired by the landscape tradition of Charlevoix, this exhibition offers a contemplative look at nature from a reversed perspective: from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. The chosen artists approach the landscape in its minute detail rather than in its […]

Jeanne Couture

Ni Vu Ni Cornu   © Jeanne Couture   At dawn This exhibition of women artists is an invitation to a contemplative and dreamlike stroll. Crafts and the visual arts converge in these works of a delicate, poetic, and reenchanted nature. Both lyrical and romantic in nature, the curatorial proposition longs for the longing for […]

Anne D’Amours McDonald and Julien St-Georges Tremblay

Quebec City libraries   Anne D’Amours McDonald © Ariane Plante et Julien St-Georges Tremblay   Witnesses Through artificial intermediaries, untouched nature is often idealized. The artists presented explore beyond interfaces to try and grasp this notion both intangible and familiar. Reformulated by individual experience, the model environment becomes a personal aesthetic. In this exhibition, perspectives converge […]

Sèvia Pellissier and Florence Gariépy

Les Ateliers du Réacteur   Sèvia Pellissier et Florence Gariépy   [EXO]MARS – Mars de la Maîtrise closing exhibition [EXO]MARS offers a foray into the creative world of students in the Visual Arts Master’s program. Presented outside of their workshops, the project allows one to explore their practices in their relationship with the group environment, […]

PECH – Sherpa

De long en large Hosted by Sherpa’s team and guest artists, this creative laboratory designed for Sherpa users and the Biennial audience will lead to a modular, multidisciplinary exhibition.   PECH – Sherpa 130 Charest Est Boulevard Quebec City 418 523-2820   infopech.org   Laboratory open to the public on February 8 to March 29 […]

Les Ateliers du Réacteur

Johann Baron-Lanteigne ŸŸŸGilbert Claes Marie-Hélène Doré Jocelyne Ferland Thérèse Gagnon Julie Lajoie Philippe Langlois Thomas Langlois Nathalie Leblanc Martine Léonard Anne Plourde Danie Redheuil Group exhibition   Le Réacteur Creative Laboratory Pictorial, sculptural, installative, and performative works from independent artistic practices come together in this creative laboratory.   Les Ateliers du Réacteur 731 Saint-Vallier Est […]

Studio Galerie Bécot

Group A : February 15 to March 3 Bécot André, Bérubé Gilles, Boulianne Michel, Darby Don, Gagnon Aristide, Gruais Viviane, Lagueux Jacinthe, Lapointe G. Céline, Larouche Hélène, LeBlond Alain, Morissette Jérôme, Poulin Carol, Tremblay Serge Philippe. Group B : March 15 to March 31 Bécotte Antoine, Cornet Lucienne, Darby Don, Gagnon Aristide, Gauthier Joanne, Grondin Sylvie, Kirkov, Lagrange Véronique, […]

Maison pour la danse

Perpetual Movement Lucie Perron’s exhibition explores the affective dynamics between fabric and body, thus bridging the gap between the intimate and the global.   Maison pour la danse 336 du Roi st. Quebec City 418 476-5013   maisonpourladanse.ca   February 15 to April 21 Monday to Friday – 9 am to 4:30 pm Opening  February 21 5 pm […]

Mars de la Maîtrise

Francis Arguin Joan Berthiaume Myrtille Breton Alexanne Dunn Isabelle Falardeau Éloïse Foulon Kassandra Graham Pauline Gransac Laurence Gravel Fanny H. Lévy Delphine Hébert Olivier Hébert Vincent Hinse Laure Jambel Nady Larchet Claudel Lauzière-Vanasse Dany Massicotte Stéphanie Matte Olivier Moisan Éloïse Plamondon-Pagé Charles Robichaud Étienne Rousseau Jérôme Trudelle Group exhibition   Students in the Laval University […]

Points de vue

Wartin Pantois and his collaborators   Through signage works and audio samples, various unique perspectives on Quebec City will be highlighted—historical, urban, natural, and emotional.   Locations announced at noon on April 19 on the artist’s website wartinpantois.com  

Bibliothèque Claire-Martin

Hélène Matte   ZumTrobaR Innovative research and group creative project surrounding the myth of Babel according to Paul Zumthor.   Les Ateliers du Réacteur 731 Saint-Vallier Est st. Quebec City 418 648-1986   January 22 to March 17 Wednesday and Thursday — 1 pm to 8 pm Friday to Tuesday — 10 am to 5 pm  


Micah Lexier   A Coin in the Corner This installation by the Manitoba native invites the viewer to take part in an amazing treasure hunt, asserting the furtiveness of art in everyday life.   Criterium 371 Du Pont st. Quebec City 418 932-6535   criteriumdesign.com   February 16 to April 15 Monday to Friday – […]

Maison Hamel-Bruneau

Ivan Binet   Ivan Binet, rétrospective A photographer known for his expeditions and explorations for over 25 years, Ivan Binet devotes his research and his works primarily to the concept of landscape.   Maison Hamel-Bruneau 608 Chemin Saint-Louis Quebec City 418-641-6280   April 3 to June 2 Wednesday to Sunday — 1 pm to 5 pm  


Projection Inspired by the theme Small Between the Stars, Large Against the Sky, Spira presents two short films in 360° cinema. Project undertaken in collaboration with la Fabrique Culturelle. From April 11th to 14th in the MNBAQ hall. 1 PM – 4:30 PM Spira spira.quebec  

Galerie 3

Le Cercle des collectionneurs d’art actuel Encounter with Claude Bélanger, General and Artistic Director, and Michelle Drapeau, Assistant Curator, of Manif d’art 9. Discussion moderated by Norbert Langlois.   Galerie 3 247 Saint-Vallier Est st. Quebec City   lagalerie3.com   April 5 — 5 pm to 7 pm  

Atelier de Nathalie St-Pierre

Monique Lalancette Diane Laurier MaEV Martel Frances Moyle Nathalie St-Pierre Collectif d’art complice   In My Starry Night Members of the collective will discuss the creative processes that sustain each of their individual art practices, while projecting a selection of their works .   Atelier de Nathalie St-Pierre 822 Marie-Victorin road Lévis 418 836-4932   […]

Ateliers JC Ricard

Open Studio Visiting Day A dozen artists from multiple artistic fields open the doors of their studios: jewelry-making, music, photography, video, and visual arts.   Ateliers JC Ricard 281 St-Vallier Est st. Quebec City   April 6 — noon to 5 pm  

Centre Jacques-Cartier and Partners

National Forum: L’art social au service de l’itinérance jeunesse This forum targets the transmission of knowledge on notions of artistic intervention, from a social development standpoint.   Centre Jacques-Cartier and Partners Location to be determined   Members of the Centre Jacques-Cartier: $65 per day or $100 for 2 days Students, self-employed workers, NPOs: $45 per day […]

Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels de Québec

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels de Québec Le RAAV propose une table ronde dont les discussions seront orientées sur le pouvoir […]

L’Artère, développement et perfectionnement en danse contemporaine

This master class with Olivier de Sagazan touches on the fundamentals of his Transfiguration performance. Informal presentation and discussion with Olivier de Sagazan on the last day of training.   olivierdesagazan.com   L’Artère, développement et perfectionnement en danse contemporaine 336 du Roi str. Quebec City 418.476.5013   larteredanse.ca – Reservation : inscriptions@larteredanse.ca   March 4 to […]