Annabelle Vieux Francoeur


Canada, Québec

Annabelle Vieux Francoeur is a master’s candidate in art history at Université Laval and holds a bachelor’s in psychology. Fascinated by the human psyche and the unconscious, she is currently studying the experience of the artistic sublime and affects such as anxiety and melancholy. In recent years, Anabelle has been involved in various cultural institutions in Quebec City as a research assistant, cultural mediator, and curator. In particular, she curated the exhibition Éclipse : obscurcir, révéler, in 2020.

In the Bibliothèques de Québec avec Mathilde Bois, Gabrielle Brochu, Laurence Dauphinais et Anouk Desloges.

Februray 19 to 24 april, 2022

bibliothèques de Québec


Double :

Double : provokes a meeting between the spectator and an elsewhere that challenges the real. The exhibitions forming part of Double : invite the public to experience its various manifestations filtered through the unsettling medium of Freudian uncanniness. The exhibitions are in four locations, where each artist claims ownership of her own expression and reveals her own likeness.

Laurence Dauphinais uses a prism of uncertainty to portray our confinement in an unspecified elsewhere. The locations suggested in the works appear indeterminate, both vast and secluded. The figures, imprisoned on the other side of the mirror, move in an uncertain space.

Anouk Desloges queries the notion of desire in her works. Between rapture and fascination, the unslaked urge for more presupposes tensions tracing the horizon of desire. The works here unfold the dreamlike and melancholy experience of the pursuit of the Other. 

Mathilde Bois’s exhibition examines her interest in the fleeting and elusive experience of the gaze. Her pieces, seemingly in the process of disappearing, can only be guessed at, as the countenances of strangers appear to emerge. Silent faces, impersonal and almost ghostly, take form. Blurry masks reflect interiority that escapes a first glance.

Gabrielle Brochu reflects on twin identity. Her pieces explore the paradox of individuality formed in its resemblance to another. The artist expresses the indefinite identity that results from being part of a duo and in perpetual search of oneself. Fluctuating between fusion with and division from this second presence, a we-me emerges, divided and diffused.

Bibliothèque Monique-Corriveau 
avec Gabrielle Brochu
1100 Rte de l'Église, Québec (Québec) G1V 3V9
Monday : 9 h à 18 h
Tuesday to Friday : 9 h à 21 h
Saturday and Sunday : 9 h à 17 h

Bibliothèque Aliette-Marchand
avec Mathilde Bois
243 Bd Pierre-Bertrand, Québec (Québec) G1M 2C7
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday : 10 h à 17 h
Tuesday and Wednesday : 13 h à 20 h

Bibliothèque Paul-Aimé-Paiement
7950 1re Av., Québec (Québec) G1H 2Y4
Monday to Friday : 9 h à 20 h
Saturday: 9 h à 17 h
Sunday : 12 h à 17 h

Bibliothèque Claire-Martin
755, rue Saint-Jean, Québec (Québec) G1R 1R1
Monday : 10 h à 17 h
Tuesday to thursday : 10 h à 20 h
Friday: 10 h à 17 h
Saturday and Sunday : 10 h à 17 h

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Annabelle Vieux Francoeur
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