Manif d'art 2 - The Quebec city biennale

May 1st to May 31th 2003

Curator and theme

Bernard Lamarche

What is happiness? Though widely studied and debated, the question remains unanswered. Indeed, can it ever be defined by just one truth? Art as an enterprise, like individuals, does its best to uncover a single meaning for this complex concept. However, unlike people, art imagines and shares its reflections on happiness using sets of tangible signs to fuel our collective imagination and foster self-examination.


  • More than 26,000 visitors
  • More than 50 artists from Canada, the United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, and Chile
  • 23 collaborators

Artists of the official selection

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Pierre Ardouvin

Holidays, 1999. Installation.

David Elliott

Barry's Place (Revisited), 2002. Painting.

Karilee Fuglem

Cumulus, 2000. Installation.

Paryse Martin et Frédéric Caron

Les petitews soifs, 2003. Installation.

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