Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios de Santiago [2007]
Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios de Santiago [2007]

Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios de Santiago [2007]

Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios (Chili)


Manif d’art and the La Bande Vidéo joined forces to co-produce the presentation of four Québec artists at the 8th edition of the Bienal de Video y Nuevos Medios de Santiago in Chili from October 2 to 28, 2007. Curated by Claude Bélanger, the Québec delegation benefited from creation residencies, subsequently presenting their work along with 20 international artists at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo for the duration of the South American biennial. The presentation follows exchanges that previously took place between Manif d’art and Chilean organizations during Manif d’art 2 (2003) and the Semana Francófona in Chile (2004), and in the recent presentation of Digital Chile_07 in Québec City.

Martin Bureau
Installation vidéo

In the artist’s friendly, picturesque village of 847 inhabitants, a recent threat has been perceived. Daily life camouflages fallacious dealings. People are wary. At the municipal centre, cameras survey community activities. Line dancing, the town council, funerals, Taï Chi and indoor pétanque are lures designed to spread anarchy more effectively throughout the countryside.

Painter and video artist Martin Bureau lives and works in Saint-Jean-de-l’île-d’Orléans. His work highlights contrasts designed to engage and criticize. He is particularly interested in notions of power, surveillance and control, particularly as exercised by the media.

Manon De Pauw
Installation vidéo

Silently gathered around a table, eight participants armed with paper and pencils become, for the occasion, an artistic micro-society led by the artist herself, who mandates them to create a collective piece in which writing is the central act.

Montréal artist Manon De Pauw uses audio and video to observe relationships between individuals and groups in special circumstances that she creates. For the duration of a shooting session, she creates micro-societies that are governed according to more or less strict rules, but where anything human can occur. Her enquiries are structured around gestures, physical and mental states, and sounds as well as by the materialities they induce.

CITéS, 2007
Jean-François Côté
Installation vidéo

The masses and projected shadows of city buildings; solitary nature as a shadow of itself; a wandering soul… An invisible city rises as a virtual reality absorbing what is real, including the spectator. The conflation of video image, object and screen.

Jean-François Côté examines various ways to inhabit the world, to move through it and in it while remaining critical of the myriad images modern society presents. He is presently terminating his Ph.D. in visual arts and art history in Québec City.

Murielle Dupuis Larose
Installation vidéo

Sometimes we want so much to grasp another person’s way of seeing that we want to get inside their head, as the saying goes. A series of interior portraits in which they eye acts as a window to the soul.

Québec artist Murielle Dupuis Larose privileges a site-specific approach in her work. In this project, she structures her enquiry around an attempt to enter into contact with another, to grasp the way someone else sees.