The Biennial
The Biennial

The Biennial

Major biennial of contemporary arts on the Canadian scene, Manif d’art presents in Quebec City and its area the works of nearly 100 artists originating from every horizon. Approximately 30 cultural and artistic groups from Quebec City and worldwide collaborate in this must-see artistic manifestation held between May and June every two years. In addition to the exhibitions, the event offers a host of activities evolving around a central theme, unique to each edition. Manif d’art is meant for the initiated public as well as uninitiated visitors who enjoy a vast section dedicated to the discovery of contemporary art.

Artists who wish to participate to the biennial should refer to this page.

Manif d’art 7
Resistance – And Then, We Built New Forms
Curator: Vicky Chainey Gagnon
May 3 to June 1, 2014

Manif d’art 6
Machines – The Shapes of Movement
Curator: Nicole Gingras
May 3 to June 3 2012
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Manif d’art 5
Catastrophe? What catastrophe!
Curator: Sylvie Fortin
May 1 to June 13 2010
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Manif d’art 4
Toi/You, la rencontre
Curator: Lisanne Nadeau
May 1 to June 15 2008
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Manif d’art 3
Cynisms ?
Curator: Patrice Loubier, co-curator: André-Louis Paré
May 1 to June 12 2005
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Manif d’art 2
Happiness and Pretence
Curator: Bernard Lamarche
May 1 to May 31 2003
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Manif d’art
Curator: Andrée Daigle
September 1 to october 15 2000
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