Manif d’art 7
Manif d’art 7

Manif d’art 7

The Quebec City Biennial unveils its living tableau of contemporary art from May 3 to June 1, 2014! For a whole month, you will get to see the work of more than 120 artists all over Quebec City and its surroundings. Whether you are a specialist or just curious to discover contemporary art, more than 60 exhibits and surprising activities are waiting for you. Get the pin to live the full experience !

The Curator for the 7th edition of this event, Vicky Chainey Gagnon, has gathered a host of Quebec, Canadian and international artists who have created works inspired by the theme of Resistance – And Then, We Built New Forms.

Look at the complete program online or download the program in PDF (4.2 MB).

A word from the Spokesperson



When an event you’ve been admiring so much for so long asks you to be its spokesperson, you feel like a 9-year-old who got picked first by the soccer team captain in Phys Ed. Except that had never happened to me before. So, I blushed a little.

La Manif acts on so many levels. It shakes you, stimulates you, astounds you and—dirty word ahead—disturbs you. It scatters ideas, it disseminates art, without levelling down. It speaks to your brainy side. Which is rare. And precious.

Unanimousness is mind-numbing boredom. Long live bodacious events! La Manif is about art that refuses to match the shades of your sofa. And that’s fine by me.

Happy Manif d’art 7!

Matthieu Dugal