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(English) FACT SHEET

(English) FACT SHEET

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Catastrophe? Quelle catastrophe!

Manif d’art 5 – The Québec City Biennial


Manif d’art 5 – The Québec City Biennial – takes place from May 1st through June 13th, 2010. Curated by Sylvie Fortin, it features new and recent works by thirty-five artists presented in Québec City’s main cultural institutions and a number of temporary public sites. The project casts the 17th century city as a protagonist in the exploration of catastrophe’s role in contemporary life.


May 1, 2010 through June 13, 2010


Patrick Altman (Québec City, Canada); Salvatore Arancio (London, UK); Bill Burns (Toronto, Canada); Luca Buvoli (New York, USA); Cooke Sasseville (Québec City, Canada); Doyon/Demers (Québec City, Canada); Sarah Emerson (Atlanta, USA); Carole Epp (Saskatoon, Canada); Brendan Fernandes (Toronto, Canada / New York, USA); Amélie-Laurence Fortin (Québec City,Canada); Laurent Grasso (Paris, France); Johan Grimonprez (Brussels, Belgium / New York, USA); Milutin Gubash (Montreal, Canada); Hadley+Maxwell (Vancouver, Canada / Berlin, Germany); Maryam Jafri (Copenhagen, Denmark); Gwen MacGregor (Toronto, Canada); Lynne Marsh (Montreal, Canada / Berlin, Germany / London, UK); Daniel Joseph Martinez (Los Angeles, USA); Michael Jones McKean (Richmond, USA); Gean Moreno (Miami, USA); Ahmet öÄŸu!t (Istanbul, Turkey / Amsterdam, The Netherlands); Ernesto Oroza (Miami, USA); Iván Navarro (New York, USA); Trevor Paglen (Berkeley, USA); Christodoulos Panayiotou (Cyprus); Gwendoline Robin (Brussels, Belgium); Samuel Roy-Bois (Vancouver, Canada); Lindsay Seers (London, UK); SUPERFLEX (Copenhagen, Denmark); Katherine Taylor (Atlanta, USA); Myriam Yates (Lennoxville, Canada) List of artists subject to change


Manif d’art 5 – The Québec City Biennial – connects Quebec City’s main cultural institutions and a number of temporary public sites, creating a walkable itinerary through the 17th-century city’s central, historic sectors.

Manif d’art 5 projects will be exhibited at the following venues: Avatar, Engramme, Folie/Culture, Galerie des Arts Visuels de l’Université Laval, La Bande Vidéo, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, Le Lieu, L’Œil de Poisson, MATERIA, Musée de la civilisation, Regart and VU.

Manif d’art

Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec was created in response to the wish of the local arts community to host an important international visual art event in Québec City. The artist-run centre L’Œil de Poisson launched the first Manif d’art in the fall of 2000. Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec was officially founded as an independent organization in 2002 in order to develop the Manif d’art as a recurring and sustainable Biennial. The 5th edition of Manif d’art takes place in 2010. Manifestation internationale d’art de Québec’s mission is to promote investigative and expérimental art by showcasing cutting-edge major trends in visual art from Québec, Canada and abroad. Addressing a varied public, the organization establishes contexts for non-conventional production and exhibition, thereby fostering the emergence of new issues in contemporary art.


Catastrophe? Quelle Catastrophe! is curated by Atlanta-based Sylvie Fortin, Editor-in-Chief of ART PAPERS.


An illustrated bilingual catalogue (French & English) will accompany the exhibition, featuring essays by: Manuel DeLanda (New York, USA); Sylvie Fortin (Atlanta, USA); Michaël La Chance (Chicoutimi, Canada) Gean Moreno + Ernesto Oroza (Miami, USA); Jalal Toufic (Istanbul, Turkey); and Maya Van Leemput (Brussels, Belgium).


Canada Council for the Arts

Canadian Heritage

Condition féminine et la Ville de Québec

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Emploi Québec

Entente de développement culturel entre la Ville de Québec et le ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la condition féminine du Québec

Ministère des Relations internationales

Entente entre la conférence régionale des élus de la Capitale-Nationale de Québec et le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Office franco-québecois pour la jeunesse

Québec City Tourism Québec Government Office in New York Ville de Québec

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